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The Capulette story

The Capulette adventure began in 2016, under the leadership of Capucine Lebrun. She imagined an accessories brand that reflects her chic and relaxed lifestyle. The designer wanted to highlight the talent of the craftsmen she admires. Having grown up between France and Italy, she has always been a fan of the Friulane, the Venetian gondoliers’ favorite velvet shoes.

It was by giving a twist to this accessory that she launched her brand. Capucine baptized the label “Capulette”, echoing her childhood nickname. The name is also a romantic nod to the Capulet family, of the famous Shakespeare play, “Romeo and Juliet”.

Revisited in a wide range of colors, but also in exclusive and refined fabrics discovered by the designer during her travels, these Venetian slippers stand out as it-shoes that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Capulette has notably collaborated with Bon Marché, Merci, Tara Jarmon, and the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Capulette also contributed to the Venice exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. Her models are now lovingly crafted for the whole family with collections for women, men, children, and babies.


Friulane & More

Beyond reinventing the Venetian neo-ballerina, Capucine is an insatiable globetrotter. When Capucine decided to extend her brand to handbags- a universe that she knows well, having worked for a long time with her mother, designer Caroline De Marchi- she drew inspiration from a trip to Colombia and imagined the desirable Palma.

This bag is entirely handcrafted from Iraca, a natural palm leaf meticulously braided by women artisans in the Caribbean coast of the Latin American country. This bag can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, secured to its twisted cotton handle in different colors and decorated with a matching pompom. Capulette cultivates an eye for detail and works exclusively with local workshops to highlight the regional know-how of each of its creations.

A Venetian success story…

The Friulane first appeared in the 19th century in the region of Venice but are also known as Furlane in the Italian region of Friuli. However, it was after World War II that they began being widely talked about. To counter the shortage of materials, these makeshift shoes were made with scraps of cloth, burlap, and a sole cut from old bicycle tires.

Sold in Venice on the Rialto Bridge, they are a hit with gondoliers who can move on their boats without slipping thanks to their rubber soles. Legend has it that Venetian rascals adopted them to be able to walk around in their palaces without cracking the floor and discreetly slipping away to find their mistresses...

In recent years, we have seen these velvet slippers at the feet of VIPs and fashionistas. Their sleek design gives them an effortless chic side and their versatility makes them wearable to the beach as well as to a cocktail party.

Revisited in a wide palette of colors or made in special fabrics, Capulette shoes are surfing the loungewear trend and appealing to lovers of a certain Italian lifestyle.


An eco-responsible dimension

Lightweight, comfortable, strong and upcycled, Capulette Friulane also embody sustainability. The soles are made from recycled bicycle tires. To avoid waste, Capulette makes every season the bet of a reasoned production. In addition to the range of velvet available in a variety of colors, Capucine
also offers limited editions, from cut fabrics from her travels or from her own personal stock... ends of rolls of tweed, silk, jacquard or lurex give life to a different kind of Friulane. These it-shoes are also vegan-friendly, as the final product does not contain leather.

Know-how to share


Each pair of Friulane is made according to the rules of Italian artistry in a human size workshop. Particular care is taken in the choice and quality of materials. Many of the different steps necessary for the manufacture of a pair, are still hand crafted.

Capulette also offers customers a variety of bespoke slippers, ideal for home guest rooms or the suites of a palace. The workshops have even made a very special pair of Friulane for a bride who wanted the model to match the fabric of her dress. She was able to comfortably but elegantly dance all night long.

Capulette also reinvents the Friulane in a baby and child slipper version. Recently, the young mom also offers them with elasticated sides and a suede sole for optimal comfort. It is also possible to personalize the Friulane with embroidered monograms.

Made of Handloom Traditional Woven Suzani Fabric.

Suzani pillows is a texture of hand-embroidered and enriching tribal material suzani handmade in Central Asian distinct villages. « Suzani » is derived from the Persian « Suzan » which means « the needle ». Suzani materials were customarily made by brides, and were displayed to the groom on the wedding day.

The expansive embroidered materials of Turkic bunches (uzbek, tajik) are so named since of the numerous hundreds of hours of embroidery required to create them. Silk hand stitched suzani are incredible craftmanship of an antiquated tribal culture.

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Capulette x La Veste (Limited Edition)

Spanish brand La Veste, launched in 2018 by stylist Blanca Miro and designer Maria de la Orden, has partnered with Capulette to create a capsule collection of Bambina.

For this spring collaboration, the designers brought their two worlds together, drawing inspiration from the Spanish markets to offer a collection of four exclusive designs.

These fabrics are worn by Spanish market gardeners. This capsule collection combines Italian know-how with Spanish tradition.

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